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EastSide FC - History and Governance

Mission Statement

"EastSide FC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate the mental and physical growth and development of youth soccer players in our community."

Parent Agreement

ESF (Parent or Legal Guardian)
  The undersigned, acknowledges that he/she is the parent or legal guardian of the player member of the Eastside FC identified below, and hereby consents and agrees to the following terms and conditions of membership in the Eastside FC:
 · Each player must be duly rostered on an Eastside FC team and shall play as a member of such team in the Eastside FC.
 · Player members are expected to participate in all regularly scheduled team games, practices and functions.
 · All members (whether player, parent or legal guardian) shall abide by the Eastside FC By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, applicable Rules and Regulations of Michigan State Youth Soccer Association, United States Youth Soccer Association and all rules duly adopted by the team on which the player participates. 
· I understand and agree that, as the parent or legal guardian of the player named herein, I am financially responsible to the Eastside FC for all dues and fees (such as registration fees, coaching fees, indoor fees, late-add fees) in connection with the Eastside FC during the current “travel year” (fall, winter, spring). I also understand and agree that I am financially responsible to the team on which the player is rostered for the player’s pro-rata share (based on the total number of players on the team), for all expenses or other costs (such as tournament fees and winter league fees) imposed by the team in connection with the player’s association with such team during the current travel year (collectively, the “Fees”). 
· The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that they will be invoiced by Eastside FC for their share of the Fees as determined by the payment/installment plan. The undersigned further acknowledges and agrees that such invoiced Fees shall be due upon receipt and shall be paid no later than fifteen days after receipt of the invoice. 
· In the event that a parent or legal guardian is unable to pay any Fees, the undersigned parent or legal guardian may request a meeting with the Treasurer of Eastside FC and request a payment plan, which may be granted or denied in the sole discretion of the Eastside FC’s Board. Notwithstanding the grant of a payment plan, the undersigned shall remain responsible for the entire amount of the Fees. 
· The undersigned agrees that if the player named herein withdraws or drops out of the Eastside FC program for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to disinterest, injury, move, or suspension, neither the player nor the undersigned are entitled to any refund, partial or otherwise, of Fees, and shall remain responsible to Eastside FC and the team for the entire travel year’s Fees, except to the extent granted a written release by the Eastside FC Executive Board, in its sole discretion. 
· The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that failure to timely pay all Fees may, in the sole discretion on the Eastside FC, result in the suspension of the player’s Eastside FC membership and the player’s loss of playing privileges. In addition, any continuing failure to pay will result in the automatic loss of membership and ineligibility to participate in all Eastside FC programs and activities for the current travel year and any subsequent travel years until such Fees are paid in full. 
· By selecting “Yes” during the online registration process, the Parent/Legal Guardian/Player acknowledges and agrees that this membership Agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement to fully and timely pay the Fees, and that he/she shall be liable to Eastside FC for all costs incurred by the Eastside FC in collecting the Fees, including but not limited to court costs and attorney’s fees.

ESFC By-Laws

ESFC Operates through the efforts of a volunteer corps made up of parents and coaches from our community. ESFC serves the southeastern Michigan communities in the most transparent manner possible. To learn more about ESFC's by-laws, click on the document link below to download and view or print the information.

ESFC By-Laws

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