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All teams at ESFC will be developed in line with our Club playing philosophy which is "Exciting Possession based Fast Attacking Soccer with a Regain, Retain Philosophy". We want our teams to play purposeful possession without fear of failure, with our coaches promoting skill, intelligence and decision-making across all ages.

  • Our teams will retain possession by passing, dribbling and moving quickly to build-up & score
  • When pressurized we will encourage our teams to 'play' their way out of trouble rather than kick the ball away 
  • When we lose the ball, we will try to regain as early as appropriate
  • Upon regaining possession, we will try to counter-attack or retain to score 


Across all teams we have an Age-Phase specific Curriculum designed to develop skillful players who are comfortable with the ball and resilient out of possession. We want to develop intelligent decision makers which we term "Self-Learners". In order to achieve this we have grouped Ages together to create:

  • Ball Mastery Phase (U7s-U12s) - Focus on control, ball manipulation and individualism 
  • Skillful Possession Phase (U13-U16s) - Focus on when to pass/dribble and more emphasis on tactical / positional understanding
  • Game-Leaders Phase (U17s-U18s) - Focus on how to manage the game, become a leader and adapt to different game-styles


Every child at ESFC will be given an Individual Learning plan designed to maximise their strengths and develop areas that they need to improve. At ESFC we value learning first! Winning isn't important, winning with Style is important!


  • Training - min 2x per week - all teams (1hour30min) each session, with DA teams training 3x per week 
  • Games - est. 8-10 games per season. Our U7-U14 teams (Boys & Girls) play "Fall, Winter & Spring" Seasons whereas our High-School Teams for the Boys U15-U19s play Club soccer in the Winter/Spring and Girls U15-U19s play Club Soccer in the Fall/Winter.
  • Tournaments - Depending on each Team, typically all teams will have 1x Fall & 1x Spring Tournament minimum, however if the Team is playing Junior State Cup or State Cup they may be involved in more tournaments.
  • Travel - League (4v4 Skills - max 45min drive) / (MSYL - max 1hour30min drive) / (MSPSP & DA - max 2-3hours)
  • Uniforms - visit:
  • Game-Time: Select level is more competitive, although we aim for every player to have around 50% game-time, some may play less or more depending on state of the game, level of competition and individual development plans.
  • Payments -  visit:


  • Parent & Player Communication is Important - We utilise a program called "TeamSnap" which includes information on training, games, roster contacts and is used to inform parents of any changes in the schedules.


  • High-Level Expertise - All our coaches are ESFC Trained by our Director of Coaching.
  • All Coaches are FA, UEFA or USSF Licensed 
  • Full-time & Part-time Coaches
  • Experiences across all levels of the game - Professional, College, Semi-Professional, Amateur and Junior Soccer world-wide
Select Field Use
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Age Group U7/U8 U9/U10 U11/U12 U13/U14 U15-U18 U15-U18
Field Name Elworthy GP North Back Mack & Moross Schroeder
(Ford Field)
Barnes - Main

GP North Stadium
GP North
Morning side
Player Format 4v4 7v7 9v9 11v11 11v11 11v11
Ball Size 3 4 4 (U11) - 5(U12) 5 5 5
Field Size (yards) 30x20 60x45 80x70 100-110x55-75 110-120x55-75 110-120x55-75
Goal Size (feet) 4x6 6x18 6x18 7x21 8x24 8x24
Goal Area n/a 6x12 6x18 6x12 6x12 6x12
Penalty Area n/a 10x24 14x35 18x44 18x44 18x44
Penalty Mark n/a 7yds 8yds 12yds 12yds 12yds
Penalty Arc n/a Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corner Arc n/a 1yd 1yd 1yd 1yd 1yd
Corner Mark n/a 9yds 9yds 11yds 11yds 11yds
Sub Mark n/a Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
A/R Line n/a No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Area n/a No No No Yes Yes
Off Side Rule? n/a Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pass Back Rule? n/a Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Restart Distance n/a 8yds 8yds 10yds 10yds 10yds
USSF Build-Out Lines n/a Yes (14 yards) n/a n/a n/a n/a

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